Glutometer 1700

Glutometer 1700 enables to perform standardized tests to determine gluten quantity and quality in wheat flour, according to the current international standardized method. The device can analyze two samples simultaneously, quickly and reproducibly, finishing the test in less than 10 minutes.

The advantage of Glutometer 1700 in relation to other similar equipment lies in:

- Fast and reliable after sales service.
- Fast delivery of the machine, its replacement parts and spare parts.
- It features a number of innovations that make its use easier and interactive.
- It can be connected to the Internet; this enables remote diagnostics and adjustments, saving time and money.
- It is a more robust and fail-safe device.
- Stainless steel construction, that withstands any work environment.
- All this for a significantly lower implementation and maintenance cost.
Glutometer 1700 is built with high quality and taking care of every detail.

- Technical specifications: Electrical requirements: 110 or 220 V, 50 or 60 Hz (to be defined at purchase time).
Power consumption: Glutometer 1700, 165 W. Centrifuges, 100 W.
Dimensions: (H x D x L): Glutometer 1700 (330x350x320 mm). Centrifugue (210x300x240 mm).
Parameters: Gluten Index and Wet Gluten Content.
Products: Whole wheat flour, wheat flour, durum wheat, semolina and vital wheat gluten.

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Glutometer 1700
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